Okavango facts

The Cubango-Okavango Catchment is 413,550 square km, plus the Delta, an additional 15,844 km, which is part of the surrounding dry Makgadikgadi Basin of 725,293 square km.

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The Angolan Basin

Angola in the Basin

Sometimes referred to as "as terras do fim do mundo" (lands at the end of the world), the highlands of the Cubango River basin in Angola are the source of the Okavango's waters, remote for many years throughout Angola's long civil war. Now development is coming to these lands as people from the cities are relocated to rural homesteads, and roads are introduced and re-built.

The Angola part of the Okavango basin falls in the Provinces of Huambo (municipality of Chicala Tcholoanga), Huíla (municipality of Kuvango), Bié (municipality of Chitembo), Moxico (municipality of Luchazes) and Kuando Kubango (municipalities of Cuchi, Menongue, Cuito Cuanavale, Nankova, Cuangar, Calai and Dirico).

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