Okavango facts

The inundated area of the Okavango Delta fluctuates between 6,000 to 8,000 square kilometres during the dry season, swelling to up to 15,850 square km during the flood.

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Environmental Monitoring Reports

Reports of environmental conditions in the Cubango - Okavango River Basin from the three riparian states.
Environmental Monitoring in the Basin
Collecting, recording, preserving and analyzing data about environmental and social conditions in the Cubango - Okavango Basin is essential to support good management of the basin's resources. These processes are usually carried out by the governments of the three countries, as monitoring work requires institutional continuity to ensure that data are built up over time and maintained in such a way that they can be aggregated and compared to show patterns.

This area includes regularly updated monitoring reports of environmental conditions in the river basin, including hydrological data related to water discharge and levels, flood extent, meteorological data, vegetation changes and fires. The intention is that the site’s users will have direct access to updated and integrated data from the three riparian countries of Angola, Botswana and Namibia. The content of this area will grow as new arrangements for sharing of data and information are made between OKACOM and the institutions carrying out monitoring activities.

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