Okavango facts

The average size of the Okavango River as it enters Botswana is 200 metres wide and four metres deep.

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Institutional Task Force

OKACOM's Institutional Task Force looks at policies and practices for ensuring effective governance of river basin resources in the Cubango - Okavango River Basin.

Early OKACOM files at Namibia Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Registry Office, Windhoek.
Early OKACOM files at Namibia Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry Registry Office, Windhoek.
The Institutional Task Force is required to establish rules on the following:

  • Governing interactions among the three organs.
  • Prevention and/or management of conflict among the three organs.
  • For each OKACOM organ the ITF is required to provide rules for interaction with stakeholders, with particular focus on rules regarding participation in decision-making process, such as rules regarding the participation of National Coordinating Units (NCUs) and the Basin communities.
  • Inter-organizational coordination.
  • Rules regarding mechanisms to allow river basin stakeholders to openly and freely access information relating to development proposals, impact assessments, IRBM planning and management actions and monitoring.
  • The setting up of policy guidelines and oversight on the overall direction of the Secretariat by the Commission and the OBSC.
  • Procedures for communicating OKACOM decisions and other information to donors, stakeholders and other interested parties.
  • The procedure to be followed in appointing ad hoc committees and other such advisory committees for specific issues and matters.
  • Modalities for the recruitment of experts, non-resident staff and seconded staff.
  • Rules on the intellectual property of the OKACOM.
  • Use of the OKACOM’s tangible property, premises and facilities.
  • Custodianship of OKACOM property.
  • Naming of OKACOM facilities, programmes, commemorative plaques and tablets.
  • Reporting procedures for the OBSC and the Secretariat.
  • Rules on the participation of the Secretariat at OKACOM and OBSC meetings.
  • Participation of OKACOM/Secretariat Staff at international fora such as conferences etc.
  • Working relationships with internships and researchers.


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