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Within the Cubango-Okavango Catchment, Angola accounts for 200,192 (48%) square km, Namibia 153,783 (37%) square km, and Botswana 59,575 (15%) square km.

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Hydrology Task Force

OKACOM's Hydrology Task Force provides technical advice to OKACOM about the quantity and quality of water in the Cubango-Okavango river system.

 Hydrology Task Force Team Members on HYCOS Training, Kongola, Namibia, May 2010
Hydrology Task Force Team Members on HYCOS Training, Kongola, Namibia, May 2010
Monitoring the constantly changing conditions in the river is essential work to support OKACOM's decision making and to prevent and mitigate disasters such as droughts and floods. Since individual country governments are tasked with this work, data collected has not always been shared, aggregated and analysed.

At the OKACOM meeting in May 2006, OKACOM agreed to re-establish a task force convened through a previous project to address ongoing issues related to hydrological data and information, including data quality and quantity. The Hydrology Task Force looks at policies and practices related to collection, management and interpretation of water data for the basin to ensure sharing of country data and information about water flow and quality, and to improve technical capacity for hydrological work in the three countries

The primary objective of this task force is to coordinate, supervise and monitor technical activities related to hydrologic data in the Okavango River Basin, through:

  • recommending and influencing actions, including national government decisions, toward improving water resources monitoring programs within the Okavango River Basin
  • emphasizing the need to make water resources data collection a priority in each country and at the OKACOM level
  • advising OBSC/OKACOM
  • overseeing and guiding projects that relate to hydrologic data of the Okavango River Basin
  • sharing experiences and information.

In May 2010 OKACOM approved the OKACOM Protocol on Hydrological Data Sharing for the Okavango River Basin, an agreement among the three riparian countries to collect and share data about the flow and quality of the water of the Cubango-Okavango system.

 Core activities within each country relevant to the interests of this task force include:

  • Measuring water levels
  • Flow gauging
  • Water quality sampling
  • Sediment measurements.

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