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More than 150,000 islands dot the Delta, varying in area from several metres to more than 10 km.

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OKACOM Secretariat (OKASEC)

Sign welcoming visitors to Maun, Botswana, OKASEC's host community
Sign welcoming visitors to Maun, Botswana, OKASEC's host community
The Secretariat is an internal organ of OKACOM, with the legal capacity and mandate to assist OKACOM in implementing its decisions. It also provides administrative support and assumes an instrumental role in information sharing and communication. The Secretariat is headed by the Executive Secretary who works under the guidance of the Commission through the Okavango Basin Steering Committee (OBSC).

OKACOM's Secretariat had its beginning through the USAID sponsored IRBM Project from 2004 to 2009, which carried out interim secretariat services for the Commission. In May 2007 the member states agreed on an organizational structure for OKACOM that would include a permanent secretariat. It was agreed that Botswana would be the first hosting country for the new secretariat, and the Government of Sweden, through Sida, provided funding for operationalisation of the new body over a three year period. OKACOM's first Executive Secretary was recruited in 2008 and the new offices opened for business in 2009.

In June 2011 the member states provided the first direct funding of the Secretariat from government budgets.

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