Okavango facts

The length of the Okavango from its source in the Angola highlands to the mouth at the outer margin of the Delta in Botswana is 1,100 kilometres.

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Mr. Albert Bonang Ramaina

2015 Albert ramainaMr. Albert Bonang Ramaina was born in Ramotswa in South-East district of Botswana on 9th November 1980.

He obtained a Certificate in Public Administration and Management from the Institute of Development and Management, Gaborone, Botswana in June 2007. In June of 2012 he graduated with a Diploma in Human Resources and Management from the same Institution.

Since 2012 Albert has been employed by the Botswana government’s Department of Water Affairs as a Principal Administration Officer for Human Resources.

Albert has served OKACOM on the Institutional Task Force (ITF) since 2013.

He says “I personally believe in sharing, so OKACOM is playing a very fundamental role in ensuring that the important commodity, water, is being shared equally in the three riparian states. OKACOM is setting up useful frameworks that enable equal contributions of ideas and participation in decision making”

Albert is married and has two boys both of them attend Seboko Primary School in Ramotswa. Laone is 11 years old, he is doing Standard 7 and his father describes him as a quiet person.  Laone’s younger brother Kaelo is 6 years old and has just started Standard 1.

Albert enjoys going to church, reading the Bible and watching movies or football in his spare time.

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