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The Delta is one of the largest freshwater wetlands south of the equator

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Mrs Cynthia Ortmann

Namibian Co-Chairperson of OBSC and Chief Hydrologist, Water Quality Division, MWAF

Cyntia Ortmann OBSC 2015

" the work done by OKACOM is extremely important because it facilitates and coordinates three sovereign nations to jointly and equitably make use of a single resource, which is both the lifeline and the economic backbone of these riparian states. With this coordination, political stability and socio-economic sustainability are ensured between the nations, and the ecological integrity of the Cubango/Okavango river and its resources are maintained."

Mrs Cynthia Ludikie Ortmann was born on the 6th September 1974 in Windhoek, Namibia. She has a BSc with majors in Chemistry and Geography from the University of Namibia which she gained in 1996. She also holds a BA (Honours) in Geography from the University of Namibia which she earned in 1997, her dissertation was about Fog Harvesting as water supply augmentation to rural communities along Kuiseb River at the Namibian coast. In 2012 she graduated with an M.Sc. in Water Resources Management from the University of Pretoria.

Cynthia started work at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, in the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry as an Assistant Hydrologist in 1996. She was promoted to Chief Hydrologist in the Water Quality Division in 2012.

Her field of expertise is Water Resources Management, specifically Water Quality Monitoring and Water Pollution Control. Cynthia is also dealing with Trans-boundary Water Management issues and served OKACOM on the Hydrology Task Force (HTF) from 2008 until 2013, after which she was nominated the Okavango Basin Steering Committee (OBSC) Co-chairperson for Namibia.

Cynthia gained knowledge on transboundary water management whilst serving on the HTF. She says she is acquiring a better understanding of the inter-linkages of the elements of the entire water cycle on a basin-wide level.

More recently Cynthia has entered into the governance aspects of the river basin commission. She is totally committed to becoming a good leader in transboundary water management which she believes will help to ensure a healthy and prosperous Cubango / Okavango River Basin.

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