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The Cubango-Okavango Catchment is 413,550 square km, plus the Delta, an additional 15,844 km, which is part of the surrounding dry Makgadikgadi Basin of 725,293 square km.

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"The Commission shall issue a press release, signed by the all Co-chairpersons, to inform the public on specific decisions made at that meeting and distribute to all member states; and, to ensure effective stakeholder engagement in the Commission decisions, activities and initiatives, the Commission’s external communication and outreach shall be facilitated through all possible media and communication tools, in Portuguese and English." Rules and Procedures of the Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission (OKACOM)


Cover in Portuguese language of OKACOM 2011 annual report.
Cover in Portuguese language of OKACOM 2011 annual report.
The Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission issues reports, briefing notes, press releases and other public materials in both official languages -- English and Portuguese -- in hard copy  and in electronic formats that can be downloaded from this web site. Libraries and institutions may contact OKACOM's Secretariat to request hard copies of these materials. Journalists and reporters can access Resources for the Media for links to press releases, background information, access to our photographic library and information about how to contact OKACOM spokespersons for statements and interviews.

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Legacy Publications: Flow of a Lifeline, OKAFLOW Newsletter

Resources for the Media

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