Okavango facts

The length of the Okavango from its source in the Angola highlands to the mouth at the outer margin of the Delta in Botswana is 1,100 kilometres.

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As technical advisor to the three riparian states, OKACOM alerts the governments of the three countries about transboundary issues in the basin and facilitates an ongoing dialogue among the basin's stakeholders.

Members of the TDA Technical Review Team setting up for the meeting, TDA Technical Review Meeting, Mossulo, Angola  OKACOM's work is advisory in nature, guided through meetings of the Commission and the Okavango Basin Steering Committee and informed by the technical advice of its task forces and special advisors. OKACOM's Secretariat provides day to day support for the Commission's work, and partner organizations and projects fund and carry out activities on the ground that are aligned to the Cubango-Okavango Strategic Action Programme.

OKACOM's work is summarized in its annual reports.

Promoting consensus through dialogue: OKACOM's Meetings

Knowledge to support decision-making: Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA)

Action based on knowledge: Strategic Action Programme (SAP)

Partnerships for planning and capacity building: Projects and Partners


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