Okavango facts

It is the only exploitable perennial river that flows through the territories of both Namibia and Botswana.

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Basin Wide Forum

Cubango Okavango River Basin Water Audit Project (CORBWA)
The Basin Wide Forum is a transboundary grassroots organization formed to allow Cubango - Okavango Basin communities to discuss issues relevant to them.

Established by OKACOM through the Every River Has Its People Project, the Basin Wide Forum is a transboundary committee comprised of 10 local community representatives from each of the riparian states.

The BWF was established in 2001 from representatives of tribal authorities, community institutions such as Village Development Communities (VDC) and Village Technical Committees (VTC) and from user groups such as farmers' associations, fishers' associations and craft groups.

These are ten members from each riparian state bringing the BWF members to thirty (30). The overall BWF chairperson holds the post on a two year rotational basis among the partner states. National level elections of the BWF chairperson are held after two years.

At a country level, the members are called Country Forum Members, and they meet twice a year at national level and at least once a year at basin level. The primary aim of the meetings is to share experiences and generate a 'bird's eye view' of the socio-economic and hydro-environmental landscape of the basin in order to help formulate knowledge-based community livelihoods and environmental action plans.

The BWF coordinating areas are:
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