Okavango facts

The combined population of people in the Cubango - Okavango basin in 2000 was 1,113,000; of these, 76% resided in Angola, 13% in Namibia, and 11% in Botswana. Even taking into account mortality from HIV/AIDS and other diseases, the population is expected to increase to 1,686,000 by 2020.

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The Every River Has Its People Project ( ERHP )

Cubango Okavango River Basin Water Audit Project (CORBWA)
Every River has its People

Every River presented itself as a unique model in trans-boundary natural resources management. Communities were capacitated to manage their resources sustainably as well as to take part effectively in decision making on matters related to the development of the Okavango River Basin needs. Other basins have shown interest in replicating the project into the management of their basins. The project demonstrated at least within the region that it is practical to implement trans-boundary natural resources agreements with involvement of communities as custodians of the resources.

The Every Has Its People Project was a regional project funded by Sida and implemented by the Kalahari Conservation Society (KCS) in Botswana, the Namibia Nature Foundation (NNF) in Namibia and the Association for Environment Conservation and Integrated Rural Development (ACADIR) in Angola. The project ran from 2004 to February 2007. Its role was to promote sustainable management of natural resources in the Okavango Basin and facilitate river basin stakeholders in decision making processes concerning the basin.

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