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The Angola portion provides 94.5 % of the total water runoff in the catchment; Namibia provides 2.9 % and Botswana 2.6%. Botswana's contribution to runoff in the Delta is 20 %.

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Integrated River Basin Management Project (IRBM)

Cubango Okavango River Basin Water Audit Project (CORBWA)
The IRBM project supported sustainable development activities in the Cubango-Okavango river basin as well as providing interim secretariat services to OKACOM.

Four components comprised IRBM: 􀂃 Organizations’ ability to manage river basin resources enhanced; 􀂃 Information systems for biodiversity and natural resource management improved; 􀂃 Improving community management and local governance of natural resources; and 􀂃 Addressing special projects and regional needs. These four components combined to strengthen regional capacity for improved management of selected river basins.

Recognizing the commitment of OKACOM, USAID/Southern Africa supported the Commission's institutional development through the Okavango Integrated River Basin Management Project (IRBM), a four year, US$8.3 million initiative. OKACOM and its technical advisory body, the Okavango Basin Steering Committee (OBSC), implemented the project in collaboration with government ministries, active non-governmental organizations in the basin, communities, regional academic and research institutions, businesses and local governments that use and manage the resources in the Okavango River Basin. The Project supported institutional strengthening of OKACOM and the establishment of the Secretariat, management of biodiversity and and rural resources and, participatory community governance in river basin resources.

The final report of the project was released in late 2009. USAID initiated a follow-on project, SAREP, in 2010.

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