Okavango facts

The Cubango-Okavango is one of the last near pristine aquatic ecosystems on the African continent, and indeed on earth.

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Southern Africa Regional Environmental Programme ( SAREP )

Cubango Okavango River Basin Water Audit Project (CORBWA)

SAREP's regional objectives are to build capacity for water governance, support basin-level plans and priorities and integrate transboundary infrastructure and land use planning. The project’s programmatic objectives are to protect biodiversity and ecosystem services, increase access to water supply and sanitation, address global climate change and integrate HIV / AIDS prevention and treatment.

The Southern African Regional Environmental Programme (SAREP) is a USAID funded project that follows on from the Integrated River Basin Management project (IRBM) which ran from September 200 to September 2008 − under an agreement with the SADC Water Sector. In June 2010 the USAID funded programme was awarded to Chemonics International together with its partners − Bergstan (Pty), Ecosurv (Pty) Ltd., Social Impact Assessment and Policy Analysis Corporation (Pty) Ltd. (SIAPAC), and the University of Florida's Department of Geography.

SAREP is working with OKACOM and regional counterparts to improve trans-boundary natural resource management in the Okavango River Basin. Its technical approach derives from critical and creative thinking about the political economy of the Southern Africa water and natural resources sector; it leverages best practices in community-based natural resource management and capacity building for the supply of safe water and sanitation; and anticipates the increasing need for effective responses to climate-related disasters and water-centered conflicts.

Contact details:

Mr Steve Johnson,
Chief of Party, SAREP
P.O. Box AD 545 ADD
PostNet Kgale View
Gaborone, Botswana
Cell: +267 71 455 455
Tel: +267 393 5100
Fax: +267 393 5015
Email: sjohnson@sarep.co.bw

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